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Affiliate Program

Get paid spreading the word

Millions of Americans are searching for an answer to their bad credit – be part of helping them find the solution while building your income. Approved Cred offers an opportunity for you to earn money for each individual sale that you refer.

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    Get paid for your successful referrals! It yields more sales and more happy customers!

  • Our Program Works

    Join our affiliate program for FREE today so you can help those in need of credit improvement and earn extra money at the same time!

  • Gain More Sales

    Whether you can’t complete your sales process due to your customer’s bad credit, or you are in a situation where you come in contact with many people with bad credit, we can help you with a proven, high-tech, and secure Credit Repair Program.

  • Credibility

    With over 15 years of combined experience we have developed tools and strategies to effectively remove inaccurate and unfair negative credit information.

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